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The main reasons for writing or buying personal statement online

There are 2 reasons why a motivation letter should be prepared carefully.

1. The first reason is your chance to stand out among equal and even stronger competitors. The best students from all over the world come to foreign universities. School points and the level of your English competitors, if not higher than yours, then just the same. English you cannot have time to retake, school assessments you do not change. A brilliant motivation letter will set you apart from others.

2. The second reason – the motivation letter is able to smooth out the shortcomings of the individual components of your application. Perhaps you have chosen a program that does not coincide with the previous education, you do not have a specific work experience, or just missed a few points on the GMAT. A motivation letter will help to properly submit this information and shift the emphasis to your strengths.

Read the requirements for motivational writing

If the requirements are not listed on the program’s website, register online in the university’s application sending system and find a description of the requirements in this system. Pay attention to the required volume of words or printed characters and to the questions that you should cover in your essay. Check how many motivational essays your university requires of you: most first-level and masters programs will require only one motivation letter from you, but there are exceptions, for example: the University of Edinburgh usually requires two essays for its master’s programs.

Example of motivation essay questions for the MSc Management program: “The volume of the motivation essay should be about 500 words. Describe the reason why you chose the program, how it relates to your future career plans, your work experience, practice, volunteer activities, other experience relevant to the program, what do you hope to gain by studying on the program.

Determine the structure of your motivation letter

Which sections – paragraphs will be included in your essay, how these sections will be linked; do not forget to include the introduction and conclusion. Think over it and, perhaps, present it for yourself, about what you will write in each of the sections of your motivational essay.

Below we gave the simplest structure of the motivation essay to the university, successfully tested on motivational letters of students enrolled in universities:

1. Introduction.

2. Career objectives for admission to the program.

3. Career plan: how the goals described above will be achieved.

4. Which of the qualities, skills and knowledge required for the described career plan, do you have, and what do you need to develop?

5. How the program you are applying to will help you develop the relevant qualities, skills and knowledge and achieve the career goals outlined above.

6. Than you can be interesting / useful to high school and fellow students.

7. Conclusion.

If you are not confident enough to write in English, it may be more convenient for you to write your motivation essay in Russian and then translate it into English.

Define your career goals and describe them

Most foreign universities include questions about the future career of the student in the questions of motivational writing. The older the student or the higher the level of his education, the more concrete and thoughtful should be the description of his career plan. Which industry attracts you the most and why? Are there any companies you would like to work in and why? If you want to start your own business, describe why you choose an entrepreneurial path, and in which area you will work.

Try to define your career goals for the next 2-4 years for a bachelor’s degree, 5-7 years for a master’s degree and an MBA. Goals should be:

– Not simple, but realistic;

– Professional goals should be related to life goals;

– Specific, demonstrating your understanding of the industry, the area where you want to work;

– Focused on improving not only your life and the content of your bank account, but also the lives of people around you, your society, the country and, possibly, the world as a whole.

Todd Lynch